Benefits of a Law student pursue company secretary

Every student has aspirations and dreams to fulfill, but to satisfy them he/ she needs a full proof career plan. Nowadays, law as a career is a package of opportunities and prospects, however, the same is full of competition as well.

Further, the two legal areas which are mostly opted for acquiring better placement and opportunities. Also, to have a cutting-edge profile over other, one must add a lot of internships and certificates in the resume, as the same will open a lot of career options for a law student.

Significance of Pursuing Company Secretary for a Law Student

The significance of Pursuing CS for Law Student can be summarised as:

  1. In today’s world, law a career option has evolved dynamically. The field is full of opportunities and prospects. However, it shall be noted that a lawyer must have knowledge regarding the regular amendments and changes made in the Acts to attract more clients;
  2. If a law student pursues Company Secretary as an additional course, then, in that case, he/ she will master both the legal and corporate compliances. CS as a course is widely known for providing extra knowledge, which will help the person to survive the cut-throat competition that, too, with exemplary salary and hidden perks.
  3. The course of Company Secretary is well structured and formulated by the Institute of Company Secretaries. It is one of the oldest formed courses relating to Corporate Law. Also, the course material is very similar and includes various law subjects as well.  
  4. It shall be noted that undergoing a professional course will add additional designation to the individual’s name, which will make him/ her stand more fit in the competition race. 
  5. Company Secretary Program is divided into three stages, i.e., Foundation Executive, and Professional. All the stages are combined with Practical Training as well. There will be 1 year gap in between each stage. 

Benefits of Pursuing Company Secretary for a Law Student

The benefits of Pursuing CS for Law Student can be summarised as:

  1. The Company Secretary Program enhance the chances for a law student to get placed at a highly reputable position that, too, with a virtuous package. Not only will it open the gates for various opportunities but will provide an obvious preference over a normal dual degree or single degree graduate.
  2. Qualifications and prior Experience matters a lot in acquiring better growth prospects. Therefore, if the passion and career of a person comes together, then, in that case, no one can stop him/ her from becoming successful than others. 
  3. However, it shall be noted that pursuing a course without interest will make it hard for one to complete it, and even if he/ she completes it, then also will not be able to achieve success. The reason behind the same is that a thing done without interest and passion is equal to not doing that thing.

Career Prospects after Pursuing Company Secretary for a Law Student

The different career prospects after pursuing CS for Law Student can be summarised as:

  1. A Law student who is pursuing Company Secretary as the Additional Subject will get the opportunities to work as Legal Consultant with Firm, Private Companies, Banks, Financial Institutions, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Department of Company Affairs, and other Regulatory Bodies. Also, it shall be noted that the said person will be eligible to start own business or independent practice as well. 
  2. The provisions of the Companies Act 2013 bestows a special status to a CS or Company Secretary, as KMP (Key Managerial Personnel) and the other related parties, together with Managing Director (MD), or Chief Financial Officer (CFO), or Manager, or Whole-time Director(s), or Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


In a nutshell, it can be concluded that company secretary is one of the best alternative careers for law students, and the one with this additional degree is better than a single or dual degree graduate. Further, while pursuing Company Secretary it is again stated that one should undergo practical training under different organisations and companies as well to gain work experience and to again attract high package job and designation.

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