10 Profitable Business Ideas

Having an able business gives you freedom, autonomy, and independence to establish an empire from zero levels. In India, the start-up wave kicked off in the year 2014, but now is spreading at full speed after our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, encouraged the scheme of “Start-up India Scheme”. This blog will talk about the 15 Profitable Business Ideas you
can start in India with Low Budget.

Concept of Best Business

As such, there is no bookish definition for the term “Best Business”, as it all depends on several conditions, like market, demographic, and demand.

For Instance, if an individual wants to start a Photo Studio, then the best place will be Delhi or Mumbai. The reason for choosing these states is that a lot of aspiring models look for a photographer for their portfolio photoshoots. However, if he/she decides to start a photo studio in a village, there are high that he/she will only have a limited footfall.

10 Profitable Business Ideas:

The list of 10 Profitable Business Ideas that one can start in India with a low budget are as follows:

1. Blogging

One cannot overstress enough on how blogging is one of the best ways to start earning online with low to zero level investment and unlimited earning ability.

The things required for starting blogging as a career are as follows:

  • Consistent Writing
  • High-quality Content
  • Stick to your Niche
  • Create SEO-friendly Blogs and Articles to AttractTraffic
  • Start Earning through AdSense, Collaborations, and Promotions

Therefore, if an individual chooses to start blogging in India, he/she can fetch around Rs 75 to 76k per month.

2. Virtual Assistant

Nowadays, several companies, such as eBay and Amazon, are on a constant search to appoint virtual assistants to assist them by providing manual and technical support to their customers.

The things required to become a Virtual Assistant are as follows:

  • Answer Simple Customer Questions
  • Complete Minor Tasks
  • Start earning on an Hourly, Weekly, or Monthly basis

Therefore, if an individual chooses to become a Virtual Assistant, he/she can typically fetch around Rs 4 to 5k per hour.

3. Social Media Manager

Nowadays, one of the most famous business ideas is to become a Social Media Manager. However, one needs to understand a few significant components about Social Media, which he/she can learn by undertaking courses sponsored by Google.

If an individual is well versed with the working of Social Media Manager, he/she will have a lot of companies or individuals approaching.

The things required to become a Social Media Manager are as follows:

  • Create Engaging Content for every Social Media Handle
  • Be up to date with the latest trends in social media
  • Add RequiredHashtags
  • Increase Brand Following and Reach of the Social media Handles
  • Engage with the Potential Customers on Direct Messages.

Therefore, a Social Media Manager if well versed with a recent google trend, can easily earn up to Rs 50k.

4. Online Tutor

Nowadays, various platforms are offering online tutoring jobs to individuals in their preferred field. As a result, online tutoring has come as a new business idea, which can pay around Rs 500 to Rs 3000 per hour, depending on the subject and course.

The things required to become an Online Tutor are as follows:

  • Conduct Online Classes on Skype or Facetime
  • Earn from your student on an hourly basis

5. Event Manager

An individual who is having prior experience in Event Planning and Good Communication Skills can try his/her luck in event planning.

The things required to become anEvent Manager or Planner are as follows:

  • Find Event Engagements
  • Plan and Organise the Event
  • Coordinate between the Organisers, Caterers, and Everyone involved
  • Plan the Budget
  • Hire Experienced Volunteers and Team

On average, an event planner or manager can fetch up to Rs 50k in a month.

6. Makeup Artist

One who wants to go higher on investment, but wants returns limitless as well, then this is the best option for you. For becoming a Makeup Artist, one needs to undergo professional training and buy a high range of products.

A full-time Makeup Artist can easily earn Rs 20 to 25k from each client.

The things required to become a Makeup Artist are as follows:

  • Expand your Network
  • Post Your work or Client Diaries on Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Propose Different Makeup Schemes
  • Continuously Undergo Different Training to Enhance your Skills
  • Do Makeup for Different occasions as per client’s Needs

7. YouTube

Due to the rise of social media and influencers era in India, YouTube has become a popular platform to showcase skills and talent in every field and earn money. An individual just needs to start a YouTube in his/her desired niche to start earning high rewards through ads as the views increase.

The things required to become a YouTuber are as follows:

  • Create Consistent, Engaging, and High-Quality Content
  • Create InformativeVideos
  • Interact with Your Followers on different Social Media Handles
  • Work on Collaborations, Sponsored, and promotional content

By becoming a successful YouTuber, one can earn around Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 2.5 lakh per month.

8. Online Bakery

If you enjoy and love baking and want to establish your business all around this, then opening an Online Bakery is the best option for you. In this, you can easily customize the pricing on items as per their specifications. However, it is always advisable to undertake a professional baking course before starting a baking venture.

The things required to become an Online Baker are as follows:

  • Create your Menu for BakedItems
  • Build Contacts to Attract Clients
  • Receive Orders
  • Deliver Orders

A successful online baker can earn around Rs 20k to Rs 80k per month

9. Freelance Writer

Nowadays, websites like Freelancer, Upwork, and Guru offer various opportunities to Freelance Writers. Over, here writer bid on projects online and work with full freedom as a writer.

The things required to become a Freelance Writer are as follows:

  • Work on Chosen Articles or Topics
  • Choose your Flexible Working Hours
  • Connect with People all Around the Globe

Therefore, choosing to become a freelance writer is the best start-up idea in India, as it can make you earn around Rs 1 lakh per month.

10. Web Designer

Due to the rise of the Start-up India scheme, the field rising at a mounting rate is Web Designing. In this field, there is a high demand for the employment of talented and skilled people.

The things required to become a Web Designer are as follows:

  • Create a Website Layout
  • Build Website Functionality by usingTechnology
  • Design Navigational Elements
  • Choose the Right Colours, Graphics, Font, and Schemes
  • Update your website as per the client needs

Therefore, in India, Web Designers can easily fetch around Rs 20k to 60k per project.


We at Growth Begins aim to provide you knowledge and understanding about different aspects. This blog talks about the 10 Profitable Business Ideas that an individual can start with low or no investment.

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